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Natural Gas Chart Integration And Processing Services

Natural Gas Chart Integration And Processing Services

The best quality, and the best value...

Natural gas chart integration and processing is something we've been doing for many years, and it remains one of the core aspects of our business. The following is a brief overview of our chart processing and integration services.

  • Custom barcoded labels for tracking charts
  • 2 Flow Measurment Series 2000K units
  • 15 HL 1900 Digital Chart Integration Systems
  • Electronic storage of all integrated volumes
  • Web Access to volumetric data via our web portal
  • View images of any chart we process, on the web
  • Electronic transmission of volume data in custom formats
  • Storage solutions for charts available
HL 1900 Gas Chart Processing Software
Experience matters

With something as important as the accurate reading/integration of natural gas charts, experience matters. We have 200 years combined experience in censoring and integrating natural gas charts. We strive to offer the best possible gas chart integration solution anywhere, drawing on the experience of our people, as well as using the latest technological advancements in gas chart image processing.

Going the extra mile

R L Laughlin differentiates itself from the competition by delivering gas volume data to you consistently on time and in a format that best suits your business. Our IT staff specializes in delivering custom solutions to specific challenges. We also offer the ability to view any integrated gas volume information, along with the gas chart images, on the web. We believe you cannot find a more robust and cost-effective gas chart processing solution anywhere else.

Digital Chart Integration: Leading in Natural Gas Measurement Technology

In recent years, we have diligently and carefully developed a gas chart integration software tool that has no equal anywhere in the United States. The HL 1900 Digital Chart Integration System effectively replaces the old mechanical chart integrator, allowing our analysts to process natural gas charts with an extremely high degree of repeatability, as well as quicker turn-around for our clients.

This software tool designed to be used by experienced chart integration operators. Tied directly to our in-house database server, it helps to eliminate range/meter data errors in volumetric computation, while displaying meter volume history at a glance. Any type of chart can be processed with this software, from standard charts to direct/positive charts to Foxboro or fast-slows.

We would love to demonstrate this technology to you at your convenience. We can offer you a tour of our facility and an in-depth demonstration of our services, or we can come to your facility for a presentation. In either case, feel free to call us at 304-776-7740 with any questions.


Outstanding quality and service.
Superior technology.
The best natural gas chart processing value available.

R L Laughlin is your complete natural gas measurement outsourcing solution. From the field to the office, we handle it all, and we help you determine the best measurement practices and actions.

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